Most Expensive Pools
san alfonso del mar

The San Alfonso del Mar hotel and resort holds the Guiness World Record for 2008 for the largest swimming pool in the world.

DigitalGlobe via Getty Images

When you think of expensive swimming pools, you may picture your favorite hotel pool, or the wave pool at the local water park. While pools like these can be impressive, they pale in comparison to some of the world's most expensive pools, which can cost millions or even billions of dollars to build. These top-of-the-line pools can be found at resorts and private residences throughout the world. A surprising number of them are open to the public, allowing anyone to enjoy a taste of the good life in a spectacular setting.

More and more, these high-end swimming pools are becoming destinations in and of themselves. By building the world's most expensive or most luxurious pool, developers and resort owners are drawing crowds who are looking to experience the latest and most exciting attractions in the world.

So what makes a pool expensive, anyway? Often the high price tag of these pools comes from the technology required to build big or to reach greater depths. It may also stem from the use of luxury materials like marble, mosaic tile or other fine design elements. Top-end features like waterslides, fountains and sophisticated control systems can also raise the price of a pool to staggering heights.

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