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Top 10 Wacky Inventions for the Home

Hovering Recliner
This chair may need its own room. But who cares when you've got its magnetic healing?
This chair may need its own room. But who cares when you've got its magnetic healing?
Hoverit Ltd.

Your neighbor climbs out of the pool and gestures to a reclining lawn chair that looks like it belongs in the movie "The Matrix." In other words, it levitates.

Shown at the Sony House of the Future in London, the Hoverit Recliner is no ordinary chair. Hand-built using clear plastics and powerful repelling magnets, the Hoverit Lounger chair floats from its base. The chair and the base incorporate magnets of opposing poles to push the chair upwards. Some people believe magnets have health benefits, like weight loss and muscle contouring, which gives this chair added value.

But beware. The chair comes with some standard warnings: Keep it away from computers, credit cards and other cards with magnetic strips, cell phones, and large metallic objects -- you really don't want the spatula and grill flying at you while you're trying to relax. People with pacemakers should also steer clear of the chair in case of magnetic pulse interference. Televisions and other screens with cathode ray tubes may also be shorted out by the lounger.

That said, this chair may need its own clean-room. But who cares? You're trying to relax, so abandon your cell phone. Not as soothing is the price. The chair will set you back $11,716, plus shipping. Only 2,000 loungers are in production, making it a collector's item.

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