Switch Off These 8 Commonly Left-On Appliances



If you haven't heard of vampire power, you may think it has something to do with turning into a bat, a wolf or a thick, white mist. In reality, where the dead don't stalk the living, vampire power is the energy sucked by plugged-in appliances that are on standby mode or otherwise turned off.

Imagine a super-vampire, a day-walker if you will. Now think of the metaphorical super-vampire in home energy terms. These home-energy super-vampires would be the appliances and electronics left on for extended periods of time, even though no one is using them.

Some people run their TV all day or leave their computer screens on. This is wasteful. How wasteful? Let's find out. (Remember different brands and sizes of appliances will use different amounts of energy.)

All figures are per hour.