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Celebrating Yom Kippur means a day of not eating or drinking, using electricity, running water, or driving. The Day of Atonement is a green-as-you-can-get kind of holiday, but to go the extra mile, here are a few (if obvious) ways to make the holiday even greener, and make the green lifestyle lessons last.

Tips for green ways to break fast:

1. Make it a vegetarian or vegan meal.

2. Which means skipping the lox, but if you just can't, make sure it's harvested as sustainably as possible.

3. Buy locally-made bread and if you're doing cream cheese, buy organic dairy.

4. Use petroleum-free candles, or make your own.

5. Make your own honey cake, and by all means use local honey—the bees need your help.

6. And last, it should go without saying, but don't use disposable anything!

Yom Kippur-inspired Tips for a Green Lifestyle—more basic points, but if you spend the day of atonement meditating over things you might take for granted or use more than you need to, you can continue to reduce your carbon footprint even after the holiday is over.

1. Shut off your lights whenever possible, and if you haven't yet, switch to energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances. 2. Make a habit of being more conscious about your food choices: what you eat, where it comes from, taking care not to buy more than you need (and letting it go to waste). 3. Don't drive if you can walk, bike, or take public transportation. 4. Use less electricity and/or gas: like when you're cooking, make sure to put a lid on the pot. 5. Make zero waste a household goal. 6. Spend more quality time with family and friends, and make it eco-meaningful for everyone: volunteer in a community clean-up together, host a group cooking session and donate to a soup kitchen, start a green book club, you get the idea... L'shana tova!