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What's Right for Me: Stacked or Side-by-side Washer-Dryer?

Side-by-Side Washer-Dryer
High-efficiency washer-dryers come with a number of options.
High-efficiency washer-dryers come with a number of options.
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If you have space for a side-by-side unit, you'll have a wider selection of upgrades to choose from. You'll have the option of selecting a front-loader or top-loader, high-efficiency, large capacity, control-over settings and extra rinse cycles. You can even find machines with smart sensors that will automatically adjust such things as the water level and temperature. A side-by-side setup (with a front-load washer) can be concealed below a counter, which can also double as a folding table. The opening is closer to the ground, which is more convenient for loading than a stacked unit. And for all of you aesthetes, those front-loaders sure are good lookin'. If you want the bells and whistles, it will cost you but it will pay off in the long run in energy and water savings.