Reasons to Look Inside an Oven Before You Buy It

While your oven should fit the aesthetic of your kitchen, it has to be functional above all else.


Remember the first time you looked under your new couch and realized that there's fabric covering the springs -- and an emerging nation of dust bunnies making themselves at home under there? Getting up close and personal with the products you own, or plan on owning, is a good idea. That way, there'll be fewer surprises in your life, and you'll probably learn something important, too.

Ovens are a good example. They may all look pretty similar, but they aren't, especially now. New innovations in oven design are elevating baking and other oven-related tasks to an art form. With the proliferation of TV cooking shows, we're all armchair chefs whether we actually do the honors in our own kitchens regularly or only pull out the stops on holidays.

If your trusty oven looks like the victim of a lava mishap or your bilious green range is making you lose your appetite, it may be time to look inside some new ovens to see what's cooking. We have a few insights and suggestions that will make scouring the market for the best oven a little easier.