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Condos & Townhomes

Check out these articles to learn all about community living, condos and townhomes!

How to Keep Your Windows Spotless when the HOA Won't

Depending on the rules in your neighborhood, your homeowners association might not take care of your windows. Never fear -- with a few tips, you can handle this job like a pro.

5 Methods to Keep Pests Out of Your Townhome

Townhouse dwellers get to share a lot of things -- driveways, outdoor spaces, walls and occasionally pest infestations, too. Learn how to keep pests away from your townhome.

Red Flag Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Townhome or Condo

You're ready to buy that beautiful new condo, but you're not quite ready to sign on the dotted line just yet -- and you won't be until you ask some very important questions.

What type of insurance does your condo board carry?

The rise of litigation -- and a slew of unhappy tenants -- in the U.S. have led to the proliferation of Directors and Officers liability insurance policies. What are they and how do they protect you?

Do association assessment fees change with inflation?

You've committed to paying a set HOA fee per month. That you can handle. But when and if the dreaded special assessment hits, will it be even more expensive because of inflation?

Are your condo's reserves adequate?

Condo fees pay for ongoing costs like landscaping as well as into reserves for major expenses like replacing the roof. How can you tell if your association has enough set aside so they won't be hitting you up later?

What's included in an association assessment fee?

Condo living seems pretty sweet -- until your HOA slaps you with an unexpected assessment fee. What exactly are you paying for?

Shared Walls: Why Fixing Cracks Should Be at the Top of Your DIY List

Is that a crack appearing in your wall? Don't just live with them, learn how to fix it yourself!

5 Advantages of a Townhouse

If owning a little piece of planet Earth is on your bucket list, then buying a townhouse will let you live that dream. But don't confuse a townhouse with a condo -- they're not the same.

5 Questions to Ask when Buying a Townhome

They have a lot of the same perks that condos do, but in a townhome, you're only sharing the walls with neighbors, not the ceiling and floor. You'll need to keep a few questions in mind if you're thinking of buying one, though.