Winsome Wildflowers
black-eyed susans

Depending on the region, wildfires need various types of care.


Wildflowers typically grow without deliberate cultivation, thriving in various conditions -- from cool, shady retreats to dry, sunny deserts. Wherever they're located, you can do a few things to help them get through colder months and flourish later on. Methods of care depend on the wildflower's type and location. Efforts include raking up leaves and other debris, watering, mowing the wildflower meadow and applying mulch after the ground freezes. In most U.S. regions, it's good to check mulch in January or February and reapply if necessary. Some perennial wildflowers should be planted in November or December, also a time of year to sow the seeds of some other wildflowers located in the southernmost regions of the U.S. and along the West Coast.