Water Features
water fall

If your water freezes, you need to protect what's in it.


If you have a water feature and live in a place that can experience intense freezes, take these steps to prevent damage to it or the plants or animals living in it. Moving water doesn't freeze easily, so keep fountains or waterfalls continuously running throughout the winter, at least until there's no risk of freezing temperatures. This should work as long as your pump moves 2,000 gallons (7.5 kiloliters) of water or more per hour. Remember, if the water stops moving and freezes, gases get trapped and can harm underwater animals and plants. Throughout frigid months, check the water level for signs of evaporation, and add more water when necessary. A second option is to shut down your water feature. Remove the pump and store it in a bucket of water (where it won't freeze) to prevent seals from cracking.