Feng Shui
entrance to garden

A defined entrance will get you started on the right feng-shui foot.

Akira Kaede/Photodisc/Getty Images

Nothing is more important to your Zen-style garden than feng shui -- the ancient Chinese art of placement, translated as "wind and water." While it's not exactly Japanese or Buddhist in origin, it can still help serve you in your quest for inner garden peace. By working with your garden layout, you can encourage a good flow of chi, an energy force, which can lead to positive changes in your relationships, health and fortune. Use the natural layout of your landscape to lead you in the right direction. Never make straight paths to and from your home. If you allow them to curve and meander, the energy moves more slowly and peacefully. Living spaces should be backed by shrubs or bamboo to provide privacy. Create balance by mixing up the colors and sizes of your furniture and garden elements. Use your accent lighting to add bright splashes in the darkest parts of your garden. And finally, avoid clutter. Picture clean, open spaces that allow wind and sunshine to flow throughout your space.