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10 Ways to Zen Your Garden

Statues and Figurines
Statues of Buddha are often found in zen gardens.
Statues of Buddha are often found in zen gardens.
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Zen-inspired statues and figurines can add a nice finishing touch to your Japanese-style garden. Leave these items for last, once you have your more difficult-to-install elements in place like your water feature, living area and raised beds. Don't go overboard with ceramic Buddhas and gongs, either. The key is to add just a few well-placed and tasteful additions. Zen style statues and figurines are often made from stone, but can also be carved wood or terra cotta. Jade is a little more expensive but definitely adds some Asian influence. Traditional statues are of soldiers, horses, elephants and, yes, Buddha himself. Rock cairns are another option. A cairn is simply a manmade pile of stones. You can either make one yourself by stacking flat river rocks, or buy one pre-stacked and set it into place.

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