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Gooseneck Loosestrife

Gooseneck loosestrife has whorls of small flowers in See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Gooseneck loosestrife is one of the few plants that deserves such a descriptive common name -- a number of them in bloom truly look like a gaggle of geese ready to honk at an intruder. The genus is named after King Lysimachus of Thrace.

Description of gooseneck loosestrife: Gooseneck loosestrifes have alternate, simple leaves on stout stems that grow to 3 feet tall. They end in nodding whorls of small, white flowers that bloom in the summer. Ease of care: Easy.

Growing gooseeneck loosestrife: This particular member of the loosestrifes prefers a good, well-drained, moist soil in full sun or partial shade. If the site is to its liking, it will quickly spread -- so contain the roots if necessary.

Propagating gooseneck loosestrife: By division or by seed.

Uses for gooseneck loosestrife: Put these plants in a moist part of the bed or border or use them unrestrained in the wild garden. They are also excellent cut flowers.

Gooseneck loosestrife related species: Lysimachia punctata, or the garden loosestrife, is an old-fashioned garden plant with bright yellow flowers that whorl around the stem among the leaves. Height is between 2 and 3 feet, blooming in early summer. It will tolerate drier soil if given partial shade.

Gooseneck loosestrife related varieties: Geisha is variegated with cream and yellow.

Scientific name for gooseneck loosestrife: Lysimachia clethroides

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