Vinegar can do so many wonderful things. It's like the MacGyver of acids. Vinegar has two great advantages over other products marketed to do a fraction of what vinegar can accomplish. First, vinegar is inexpensive. You can buy jugs of it for only a few bucks. Secondly, it's environmentally friendly. When it goes down the drain, it doesn't screw up the water supply. It doesn't hurt your home's air quality and the packaging and waste are pretty minimal. Use vinegar to beautify yourself and the planet. Here is how:

1. Replace fabric softener with vinegar.

2. Stretch your nail polish dollar with vinegar.

3. Remove cigarette smells from clothes with vinegar.

4. Remove gum from clothes with vinegar.

5. Clean your scalp with vinegar.

6. Gently and liberally apply vinegar to a sunburn to soothe the pain.

7. Adding ½ cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle may have these pleasant effects.

a. Removes lint

b. Brightens Colors

c. Reduced Static

d. Reduced Soap Residue

8. Vinegar makes a great aftershave.

9. Use vinegar to aid problematic skin.

From How Stuff Works:

Oily skin can be controlled with a mixture of half apple cider vinegar and half cool water. The mixture works as an astringent. You can also freeze this solution into ice cubes and use it as a cooling facial treatment on a hot summer day.

Make a paste of honey, wheat flour, and vinegar, then use it to lightly cover a new outbreak of pimples. Keep the paste on overnight, and rinse it off in the morning. This should accelerate the healing process.

8. Vinegar cleans and softens hands.

9. Vinegar Night Cream

From CareFair:

Mix — cup of olive oil with ¼ cup apple cider vinegar and ¼ water. Use this instead of a commercial night cream. The olive oil provides moisture for your skin, while the vinegar takes care of dead skin cells, skin discolorations, and bacteria.