Now that you are done with what you have dubbed the "Disco Days" of your lifetime, you probably don't want those roller skates anymore. After all, you've given your matching a-line flairs to your disco buddy who thinks that you're quite the sellout at this point.

You own a bicycle, so you don't really see the practical point of traveling by roller skate. And you'll look goofy going into shops while wearing them. Is there are responsible way to donate or sell those old roller skates so they don't end up in the landfill?

Roller skates and blades are made from non-recyclable materials, and besides for local thrift stores, there aren't that many places that will accept them. But I've managed to find a few places that will.

Places to Donate and Recycle Old Roller SkatesThe Salvation Army

Donating your roller skates to the Salvation Army isn't just a nice thing to do, it;s ecologically friendly. You'll get more than the satisfaction of doing a good deed. You are also eligible for a tax deduction. Roller skates are valued at 12-48 dollars by the Salvation Army.

Back Street Inline

Back Street Inline is an old-school style website that has a still-active bulletin board where people can trade and sell their old skating goods.

Skate Against Violence and the California Outdoor Rollersports Association

The Skate a Against Violence is a 450 mile skate across California from San Francisco to Santa Monica. Money raised by this event will go to fix up old skates for underprivileged kids. You can donate money or you can donate skates.