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5 Creative Christmas Tree Recycling Ideas

If you had a real tree adorning your home for the holidays this year, chances are good that the needles are starting to drop and you're ready to get rid of it. While many communities have curbside Christmas tree recycling (which is a good thing!) it's always better to reuse something. Reuse a Christmas tree? Yes, you can! Here are five creative ideas for giving that Christmas tree one last (green) hurrah.

5 Christmas Tree Recycling Ideas

2. Edge Your Garden Beds If you have a rustic or cottage-style garden, you might want to try this frugal idea for edging your garden beds. Simply saw the trunk of your tree into two-inch thick rounds, and set them on edge (burying the bottom half into the soil) around your beds. (Hat tip: This Old House Magazine)

3. =tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=handmade"]Make Some Coasters Most Christmas tree trunks are just about the same diameter as your favorite cup or glass. This Etsy seller makes them into coasters, varnished to protect tabletops from pine sap. It would be fairly simple to do this yourself with a saw, some sandpaper, and a little bit of time.

4. Make Rustic Tea Light Holders If you love candlelight, you might want to try making votive candle holders from your Christmas tree trunk. These would work wonderfully in a rustic home, but the juxtaposition of the natural look of these votive holders in a modern home setting would be fun as well.

5. Decorate It for the Birds Backyard birds are grateful for a bit of extra food during the winter months, and you can get a few more months to admire your tree using this tip. Remove all of the decorations, and move the tree, stand and all, into your garden. Decorate the tree with strung popcorn and cranberries, and make ornaments out of suet or peanut butter and birdseed (which would be a great project to do with kids, by the way!) As a bonus, birds can shelter in the tree if they need protection from harsh winter weather. (Hat tip: Birding at