Recycled milk jugs become ghostly greaters for Halloween fun CheyElizabeth/


Halloween decorations don't have to cost a fortune; you can make them at home. Here are five fun projects that are quick and inexpensive. Many of them use recycled materials, and all of them are fun! Best of all, directions are included.

1. Milk Jug Ghosties Light the path for trick-or-treaters with these helpful little ghosts made from recycled plastic milk jugs. Kids will love helping with this quick and easy project.

2. Monster Wreath Your front door will be a standout when this furry monster wreath with its many eyes is hanging on it. Beware!

3. Halloween Flowers Black and orange roses make a ghastly bouquet. Make your own realistic scary arrangement using coffee filters and food coloring.

4. Witch Kitchen Jars Ordinary glass bottles and jars become ghoulish decor when you adorn them with spooky labels you print and age at home.

5. Pumpkin Party Favors These candy filled pumpkins will be sure to delight every little boy and ghoul you know! Group several of them together to make a cute display.