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Deer do not belong in your yard. Their mighty hoofs can come crashing down on your lettuce patch. Their blunt, powerful molars will chew through your flower bed faster than Pac-Man with a power pellet. Majestic as deer are, your yard is not a good place for them. ( Bambi's mom—probably in someone's yard. ) Here are a few eco-friendly ways to keep the deer in the wilderness where they belong.

1. Get a Dog

There are no movies about dogs and deer teaming up. Why? They are sworn enemies and everyone knows it. A pooch in your garden is a surefire deer deterrent.

2. Hot Sauce

If a deer is munching down your magnolias, you can deter its dental assault by spraying your flowers with hot sauce. Unless the deer is Cajun, it probably won?t chomp your flowers much longer. Make sure to respray after a rain. 3 Tsp of hot sauce to one gallon of water.

3. Motion Detectors + Old CDs/Aluminum Foil

Put a motion sensor up in your garden and scare them off with lights. In the day time, deer can be scared off by the flashing of the CDs and or the rustling of the tin foil. However, the deer will eventually grow accustomed to the flashing and the rustling. It is best to switch up the two methods to keep the deer on their hoofs. This is another way to reuse CDs.

4. Grow Plants that Deer Do Not Like

Use the inherent snobbiness of deer to your advantage and grow plants that deer snub. Northern Gardening has a complete list of deer-resistant plants.

5. Human Hair as Deer Repellent Bags of human hair hung on trees will repel deer. It will also keep most humans out of your yard.