Ways Anyone Can Support National Parks Now!
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Josh Peterson


Over Memorial Day Weekend, a few friends and I went up to Sequoia National Park. I've got to say that seeing the sequoia trees was one of the most jaw-dropping experiences of my life. The trees are so unbelievably large that their very existence seems impossible. These trees have been around for millions of years. When you see the sequoias, it's like getting a sense of living in the days of the dinosaurs. Truly amazing.

Visiting national parks is a great way to interact with nature and see some of the most amazing sights on earth. But when you visit these parks, you need to take special care of them. They are owned by the government and, therefore, they are owned by us. That means we have a particular responsibility to make sure these parks remain in pristine condition for years to come.

How to Protect Our National Parks

1. Lowehttp://cm.howstuffworks.com/list-template.php?step2r Your Carbon Footprint

Climate change certainly poses a threat to our national parks. So reduce your carbon footprint. This is an obvious tip, but it is so important that it needs to be mentioned as often as possible.

2. Volunteer

National Parks rely on a great deal of volunteer help. In 2005, 5.2 million man-hours were donated to the national parks by volunteers. You can find a volunteer opportunity near you.

3. Respect the Parks

When you go into a national park, or any park really, obey the rules and regulations of the park. If the sign says don't walk off the trail, then don't walk off the trail. Don't feed the animals, and do not hunt them either. Don't take objects or plants from the park. Those rules aren't there just to kill your fun. They are there to protect the plants and animals that these parks work to conserve.

4. Write Your Congressperson The National Parks Conservation Association is asking for people to support the Public Lands Service Corps Act. From Gov Track: 5. Donate If you don't have the time to volunteer, you might have the money to donate. The National Parks Foundation will make sure that your donations will go towards supporting our parks.