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On a recent episode of Alter Eco, Adrian bought a little old-fashioned 2-D beauty to environmentalism by joining Global Inheritance to transform plain old recycling bins into museum-worthy works of art.

Even if you're not a Picasso or even a Grenier, acquiring a chic recycling bin for your apartment, home, or business is the easiest thing in the world.

Coca-Cola and the National Recycling Coalition have joined up to create a recycling bin grant program, so if your school, city, church non-profit or large corporation want some recycling bins, go ahead and apply! The Fall 2008 application period opens up in September. You can also find out about recycling programs in your area at OurEarth.org.

I, personally, am without right now. My last roommate brought home a cool, minimalist black recycling box courtesy of the California Department of Conservation several months ago -- and then moved to North Hollywood, taking the little beauty with her.

Those fine little black bins are no longer available for personal home use, but you can get one for your work in the fall.

So what about the home?

Maybe a stacked tower is your thing, or you want a pretty recycling bin already crafted for you. But if you have limited space, you can purchase a small, cheap recycling bin from The Container Store, a classic blue Rubbermaid from Home Depot or your local hardware store, or grab and old cardboard box out of your cluttered closet.

If you like it plain, that's fine, but if you need a project or your kids are bored, feel free to indulge those crafty urges by adding your own flair. Painting or covering the box in fabric is one path, but feel free to get wacky. You can go the decoupage route with a collage of any number of items: personal photos, colorful decals, old magazines and newspapers, bumper stickers, or wallpaper scraps. To protect from wear and tear, try covering in laminating tape or paint with a non-toxic sealer like Mod Podge.

Are you a green hipster looking for all things green and cool? Then you'll love actor and eco-activist Adrian Grenier and his team of environmental experts, who live it up with sustainable style on Planet Green TV's Alter Eco.