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Installing attic stair covers is extremely easy and the best part is you will reduce your energy bills year round.

Types of Attic Stair Covers

For starters, there are two basic types of attic stair covers.

They are an attic tent and a thick insulated box.

Attic Tent

An attic tent is made of a cloth-like material that is caulked and stapled to the framing around the stairway opening. A zipper is located on the top of the tent which is opened for access and closed for air sealing. Also, no worries, the stairway opens and closes normally underneath the tent fabric. However, some experts state that attic tents are not as energy efficient as insulated boxes that rest on the attic floor.

Insulated Box

Another attic stair cover is an insulated box that covers the stairway opening in the attic. This box is insulated with energy efficient foam and covered in about 1.5 inches of thick foil with sealant. The best part is the foil has an additional insulating R-value for energy savings.

This box comes with a removable cover that can be lifted off when you need to get into the attic.

Although, don't forget that you will still need to seal the area around the insulated box. Use sealing strips along the bottom of the box which make contact with either the framing around the stairway or the attic floor. Build Your Own Attic Stair Cover Building your own attic stair cover is a great way to save money. The US Department of Energy has a great step-by-step do-it-yourself guide to anyone that would be interested in building their own attic stair covers. Hardware Store Any major hardware or home related store should have a stair cover in stock. At the hardware store I go to, it is near the insulation and sheetrock. If for some reason you do not want to go, you can use the internet and type in the keywords: "attic stair cover." You will find some companies that sell this product.