Paul Tearle/Getty Images


I come to you today with an important question. Do People Still Use White-Out?

I remember this gooey stuff from when I was in elementary school. If I'd worked hard to print a paper with a typewriter, White-Out could truly save my life if I caught a mistake without enough time to retype the paper. Besides, retyping the entire paper would be sort of anti-environment, anyway.

Nowadays, I can't think of a reason to use White-Out. We've got all sorts of spelling and grammar checks on our computers and correcting a mistake is easier than ever.

With printing and revision so simple these days, White-Out is nearly unacceptable. Seeing a blob of White-Out on a paper highlights the mistake and looks just about as unprofessional as the initial mistake would have looked...or even worse.

So why are we still supporting this product? There are toxic chemicals in the mix. They come in plastic thick plastic containers that contain relatively little product. Their factories pollute. There probably aren't many of you out there still using White-Out, but there shouldn't be any.

Instead of buying White-Out from now on, how about this:

Type your important writings out on the computer. Read everything over once, twice, and even a third time if you have to. Make sure there aren't mistakes before you push print. This will not only help you avoid the use of White-Out, but it will reduce wasted paper, too.