We've all been there: It's easy to get swept up in a shopping high, especially during the holidays. The euphoric fog that shopping triggers can result in impaired judgment, which is why overspending, impulse purchases, and buyer's remorse are so common.

The holidays can compel shopping binges even among those who are the models of temperance the rest of the year, according to Indiana University professor Ruth Engs, who studies shopping addiction. To prevent yourself from getting caught in the holiday frenzy, Engs has listed some of her shopping dos and don'ts:

1. Leave you credit cards at home and pay for purchases only with cash, checks, and debit cards.

2. Make a shopping list and stick to it. Don't cave in to impulse buys.

3. Impose a "no-shopping" rule when traveling or visiting relatives. People tend to shop more when they're outside their comfort zone.

4. If you feel the urge to shop when you're not supposed to, take a walk

5. Avoid watching the home-shopping network on TV

::The New York Times

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