Baby Clothes Quilt


If you're loathe to part with your child's old baby togs out of pure nostalgia-my mother-in-law still has my husband's teensy weensy outfits in storage, 30 years later-consider preserving them in a quilt you can display or give to your tot to snuggle with.

Ticche & Bea sells a baby-clothes-quilt kit for $35, complete with pre-cut squares, batting, cotton backing, and a template for cutting up your little onesies and shirtsies. If you can't thread a needle for the life of you, or you don't have the time, you can send the quilt kit back, plus the squares you've just snipped, using the included mailing envelope. An extra $40 and three to four weeks later, you'll receive a finished quilt you can hang on the wall, or, if it's been several decades since you've had to clean baby spit-up off your sofa (I'm looking at you, Mom), give it to your grandchildren. ::Ticche & Bea

Thanks to tipster Kara!

Difficulty level: Easy