This "monster" is actually a cuddly ferret bed


They may be small, but they still hold a big place in your heart. Whether you own a ferret, guinea pig, rat, mouse or gerbil, here are some great DIY projects that will make them feel loved and comfortable in their little homes.

1. 1. Monster Bed Here's a bed for a pet owner with a sense of humor. Shaped like a ferret-eating monster, it's actually a comfortable bed for a ferret or other small pet.

2. 2. Mousie Swag Your little mouse will love cuddling up in this tiny sleeping bag.

3. 3. Guinea Pig Condo Construct a play place for your pets where they have room to run.

4. 4. Fleece Tube Rodents love a good hidey hole, and this simple fleece covered tube fits the bill.

5. 5. Simple Hammock Your small pet will enjoy lounging around on a custom hammock. So quick and simple to make!