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If you do not bike to work, ask yourself, "Why?" Do you have an answer? Is it because you live too far from work? Are you not biking due to safety concerns? Are you having trouble finding a place to freshen up after your ride? It might be a combination of these things, or it might be that your office doesn't have a bike-friendly atmosphere.

Researchers at Kansas State University did a study on factors that affect a person's decision to bike to work. The researchers found that office culture has an impact on whether or not employees are willing to commute by bike.

Changing the office culture can't be too hard. Someone just has to take the first few painful and necessary steps. That person can be you.

How to Create a Bike-Friendly Atmosphere at Work

1. Start biking to work.

Someone has to start the trend.

2. Convince your buddies to bike to work with you.

Once you have started the trend, find some followers. The goal is to "normalize" biking to work.

3. Push for bike racks at work.

Lack of bike racks will deter people from biking. 4. Talk to your boss about bicycle commuter credits. People who bike to work get twenty dollars a month, and your employer gets a tax break. 5. Ask your boss to provide places and/or time to freshen up after a bike ride. 6. For those who are further concerned about dishevelment: How to bike to work without looking like you did Give these tips to your co-workers. - Pedal slower. - Bring a change of clothing. - Wear a low-maintenance hairstyle - Take a bus to work. Bike home. - Shower at a nearby gym. 7. Promote helmet hair as a sign of being awesome around the office. Got a tip or a post idea for us to write about on Planet Green? Email pgtips (at) treehugger (dot) com.