Put down your keys and ride!

John Foxx/Getty Images

Good news for bicycle commuters. As of January 1st, 2009, you can collect a twenty dollar per month tax credit if you bike to work at least three days a week. This was all part of the stimulus bill that passed last Fall.

The credit is available through your employer. (That is if your employer contracts a commuter benefit provider.) If you employer does not have or offer a commuter credit program, talk to you employer about initiating a commuter benefits program. Get your fellow bicycle commuters to back you up on this. Your employer can benefit through tax breaks.

Many complain that $20 dollars a month isn't enough money to interest them in the program. And others state that the paperwork is more time consuming than it's worth.

If it's not worth the money, then it's not worth the money. However, if you are biking to work anyway and your boss has a commuter rebate program in place, then why wouldn't you take advantage of a free twenty bucks a month?

Nurture this program. It might not seem like much right now, but it could be the beginning of great things for bicycle commuters.