Thomas Northcut/Getty


Nothing says "lazy Saturday" better than homemade pancakes slathered in maple syrup and hours of cartoons (and no, we don't mean just for kids). Real Simple makes it easy to pour perfect pancakes every time—and cut back on drips and spills—with this brilliant reuse for a classic ketchup bottle. Wash and dry a squeeze bottle and fill it with batter for simplified pouring that even the kids can help with?no messy bowl-to-griddle transfers involved.

You can even experiment with different pancake shapes. Even better: mix up a batch of batter on Sunday night store it in the fridge, so you can have a bit of that Saturday morning feel on even the dreariest Monday. (Note: we wouldn't recommend baking with batter that's more than 3-5 days old—but we doubt you'll have any left by then anyway.)