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Break-ups have a definite un-green edge, simply by the fact that a couple who shares resources is going back to consuming more resources. From separate living spaces that use more utilities and require more furniture and decorations, to separate trips to the grocery store to cook separate meals and more, break-ups have a need to be greened. Here are 6 tips that can help you through the doldrums the eco-friendly way.

1. Split the furniture, decorations, and other practical stuff.

Rather than just letting one person get all the old stuff while the other needs to buy new, work together to divide the household items evenly so you both can start fresh without consuming more products. Think of this as the perfect time to simplify your life by letting go of stuff and keeping only the most important items—and maintaining this outlook might help in divvying things up. If sharing is impossible and you find yourself without a few necessities, go through Freecycle, Craigslist or thrift stores to give a new home to pre-loved items.

2. Find comfort in the farmers' market and home cooked meals.

Meal planning for one can sometimes be more expensive because you're not as likely to buy in bulk. However, you can keep meals cheap, and enjoy company and friendly faces by heading to your farmers' market where you can stock up on fresh goods. Then treat yourself with extra special attention by cooking delicious one-pot meals that'll last all week long.

3. Carpool or bike your way around town.

You're probably finding yourself having to get to places on your own rather than sharing rides with your significant other. But being the only passenger in your car isn't terribly eco-friendly. Keep your transportation green by carpooling, riding the bus, or biking to work and events.

4. Live with roommates.

Sometimes it's a bummer to be alone when you're recovering from a break-up, and roomies can help with that. But finding green-minded roommates to live with can help you keep your living situation earth-friendly by sharing, and therefore using fewer resources like electricity and heat.

5. Throw green parties and meet new people. Meeting new friends is important when you're newly single, and throwing green parties is a perfect way to do that and stay upbeat. Put together a green dinner party, or better yet, a green block party to get to know new folks. 6. Keep it green when you start dating again. Singledom likely won't last forever, so prep yourself for keeping it green as you get back into the singles scene. Our How to Go Green: Dating guide will help, but you'll also want to test how green of a date you already are. You just might impress yourself! Got a tip or a post idea for us to write about on Planet Green? Email pgtips (at) treehugger (dot) com.