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Some of you might be thinking about building a house. Remember the Three Little Pigs? One of the pigs built a house out of straw, another sticks and another stone. Straw, in an ironic twist, turned out to be a rather good building material, but stone has always been a good building material. Sticks, however, are a horrible building material, unless you are a muskrat. Here are three reasons to build a house made out of stone.

1. Stone houses are sustainable. Rocks are about as sustainable as you can get. Look at Stonehenge. Look at the Pyramids. Although not technically houses, those things have lasted forever. European-style stone houses have been around for centuries and will probably be around for centuries more. Stone houses have a natural beauty and don't require painting or siding. They are built to last and do.

2. Stone houses are built with local materials. A good stone house is one that is built with local stones. Each stone should be handled by the builder and added to the house as needed. A good stone house is like a puzzle. The stones will all fit together, but it is the builder?s job to join them with love.

3. Stone houses are comfortable. Using passive solar design, a stone house can store can store heat within it's walls. This heat will radiate throughout the house all night long, keeping the occupants warm and happy. Although stone houses were popular during the Dark Ages, they area a bright idea.