If you're short on space, or just looking to make better use of your square footage, a Murphy bed is a great way to free up a little extra room: it's a regular bed, when you need it; when you don't, it neatly folds up and gets out of the way (this configuration is pictured above). It just makes so much sense-you don't need the space when you're asleep, and you don't need a bed while you're awake. If you don't already have one, though, the caveat is that they're expensive and difficult to install. Until now.

The folks at Moddi have put together a handy set of instructions to help you build your own, using your current mattress, a handful of pieces from IKEA and some hardware. Perhaps most important, the directions don't ask you to cut a huge hole in your wall. Even better: It's about half the price of The Original Murphy Bed.The parts list is available straight from Moddi's Web site, and the instructions can be purchased for $7.95, for both a single and double bed. From there, it's a matter of finding four studs to attach it to, and grabbing all the materials you'll need, which include a bed frame, slatted bed base, and either eight (for the single) or 12 (for the double) side tables. The materials for a single bed cost $275 and $375 for a double bed.

From there, it's careful measuring, a little drilling and finally hanging the bed. Once it's up, all that's left to do is enjoy all of your newfound space. ::Moddi

[Via ::Apartment Therapy]

Difficulty level: Moderate to advanced