More than just another container garden, the patented Earth Box is a virtually maintenance-free system that allows you to grow food in your own backyard, balcony, or deck. A complete kit costs upwards of $50, however, so if your budget is starting to look real stringy, Cool-fool from Instructables has a tutorial on making your own self-watering container system. Our DIY'er says:

Just fill the reservoir with water and it will be wicked up through soil-filled columns to your plants' roots. In theory, it should maintain the optimum moisture in the soil, save water, and make container gardening (indoors and out) really low-maintenance. I haven't done any fancy layered fertilizer stuff, but supposedly if you put a layer of fertilizer down first, before the dirt, the water will bring up a constant flow of nutrients to the plants and so no more fertilizer worries.

If you crave something simpler, try making an individual self-watering plant container out of a used soda bottle. ::Instructables

Difficulty level: Moderate