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In Alexandria, Virginia, I helped a stay-at-home dad whose aspiration it is to build wacky, cool structures for money. He had two kids. His wife is a lawyer. Somebody had to stay home. Otherwise, you're spending millions of dollars in childcare. The task of child-rearing fell to him. He also does sculpture. So he decided to build a studio in the backyard built out of recycled materials. This guy was not a builder. And from the look of his structure, you could tell that he wasn't. He was lacking in building fundamentals. He got a little defensive about that. But that's where Renovation Nation came in. I think we helped him down the road in his yoga-studio quest.

To his credit, he had a vivid imagination. The yoga studio will be a cool place.

He had salvaged a bunch of stuff from the Obama inauguration, including the big sill. He was pretty proud of the fact that he scavenged that.

I told him that if you could come up with a cost-effective way to build cool playhouses and structures, there's a market for it, especially salvaged materials. Using salvaged materials gives people the extra sense of social responsibility that they might need to go ahead and build a structure like this in the backyard.

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