Pretty sweet deal, right? Save Your World, an American company that sells organic personal care items like bar soap and lip balm, leases an acre of rainforest in Guyana for every product they sell. Last year, the company says it was able to help preserve 200,000 acres of forest with this practice.

So how does this work? How does one lease a rainforest, anyways? Countries that are home to large plots of them have actually sort of taken to putting their rainforests up for rent. Last year, a British investment firm made headlines by "buying" a million acres of rainforest in Guyana. Essentially, countries are beginning to realize that rainforests are not just valuable resources, but potentially lucrative ones as well.

In this case, Save Your World, Whole Foods, and Vitamin Shoppe have teamed up to specially lease the land from the Guyana Forestry Council to prevent it from being opened to loggers or other industries.

Yes, it's only a temporary solution, and the royalties and fees necessary to preserve the lease must be paid every year. But it is a proactive practice, and it's better than buying organic soap that doesn't come with a guarantee to protect an acre of rainforest, right?

As for the soap, each bar is evidently handcrafted from entirely organic, natural materials, and made with organic Yerba Mate and aloe vera. You can look into their complete product line at the Save Your World online store.

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