When it comes to groceries and other food, library books and other small-mart-ables, buying local is the way to go. It reduces the amount of miles your stuff has to travel (thus reducing its carbon footprint) and your hard-earned cash goes to support your local community rather than some far-flung, faceless corporation.

Now, you can apply this idea to the fun, funky arts and crafts available at Etsy. The online craftorium for artisans selling their handmade wares has a Shop Local feature that allows you to find photographs, jewelry, and artistic handmade goodies of all kinds that are created in your neck of the woods. So, not only can you support artists who still create their work by hand, but you can help support your local art scene and your local community.

And, if you find an artist close enough, you may even be able to arrange to pick up your new treasure in person, saving on both monetary and carbon-related shipping costs. ::Esty Shop Local

Difficulty level: Easy