Elizabeth Seward


Dear reader,

Despite the fact that I don't know you, I'd still guess that you probably have a few cds lying around your house that you no longer use. CDs get scratched and become useless. CDs get imported into our mp3 players and Itunes libraries and become useless. More and more artists these days are printing fewer cds and offering downloads as alternatives. That's a great thing for our environment. But what do you do with all of the CDs you already have? Letting something good, like music, contribute to something bad, like landfill mass, makes no sense to me. If you have a few useless cds lying around, turn them into this cool light catcher.

How to turn your broken cds into a light catcher:

1. Locate a plastic lid

Punch small holes in this lid. You can do this by either burning the holes into the plastic with the help of something sharp and heated, like a hot needle, or by nailing holes into the lid.

2. Break or cut CDs into small pieces

I found that cutting the CDs with scissors was easy. Once you have your small pieces together, string a piece of thread through a hole in the lid. Tie the thread around the lid so that it won't come undone. Place glue in between two pieces of broken cd and place those two pieces around the thread. Repeat this step so that there are pieces of reflective cd all down your string. Use this method to create as many reflective strands as you wish.

3. Once you've created all of the strands, your light catcher is complete

Tie another piece of thread to the others to hang the catcher from and enjoy! Light is a beautiful [renewable] thing that we should all be around, if you ask me. Reusing your old CDs (and a lid) for this project is a green way to bring some extra shine into your home.

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