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Greenhouses aren't usually associated with the word "cheap." Case and point: The one I recently featured in TreeHugger's Mother's Day Gift Guide costs almost $900!

So could you really score whopping 165 square foot greenhouse for a measly $150? What many Americans spend in one week on groceries?

According to one frugal, DIY-er over at The Door Garden blog, you can. Dubbed a "Hoop House Greenhouse," the structure is primarily made out of PVC plumbing pipe, lumber, and plastic sheeting. I'm definitely not crazy about the PVC-aspect of it, as we know polyvinyl chloride leaches chemicals into our environment and bodies—causing cancer and other harmful effects. Nor is it an easy material to recycle.

But suppose you are a builder-type and you already have some of the piping laying around. The reuse factor could possibly outweigh the pesky PVC materials. In addition to the fact that you'll be able to slash the cost by two-thirds, dishing out only $50 for the entire structure just for having most of the materials on hand.

In an ideal world, you would be able to afford a glass greenhouse (in the long-term you would end up saving money) to avoid plastic altogether, but if the economy and a cool climate has you under its thumb, this cheapy greenhouse might make a good option if you have six spare hours of time and aren't afraid of a hand saw or an ambitious building tutorial.

You'll be able to grow your own food year round, reducing climate change-causing greenhouse gases emitted from far-away food transportation. Plus, who could deny the luxury and convenience of fresh, local veggies, herbs and fruits just a few steps from home?

:: Lifehacker via The Door Garden

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