I'm probably the last person who should be posting about Valentine's Day, because I regard this quasi-holiday as a complete scam. I've even told my husband that if I see so much as a hint of chocolate or roses on February 14, that I'll sock him one in the nose-after devouring the chocolate first, of course; I'm no dummy.

If some of you lovebirds out there are planning to coo and woo on V-day, you have this Grinch's blessings to go ahead and be a cheap date. The Center for the New American Dream has some frugal, non-consumerist suggestions, including a walk through a botanical garden in lieu of flowers. What about crafting a mix tape chronicling the highs and lows of your relationship, or making a night of it with a play at the community theater? And, rather than spend mucho dinero on an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant, consider lighting a few candles to create a romantic backdrop for an intimate home-cooked feast.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? How do you expect to toast your amore?

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