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One way to control pests in your garden without the use of pesticides is with companion planting. Companion planting is the method of growing plants to repel destructive insects while attracting beneficial insects. Furthermore, some plants are supposed to grow better next to other plants and tall plants can be used to shade sun-sensitive plants.

But we're going to focus on companion plants that can be used to control pests, because pesticide use can be hazardous to our health, the health of our pets and the health of children.

To Repel Ants

- Catnip

- Mint

To Repel Aphids

- Catnip

- Chives keep aphids away from tomatoes , grapes

- Dill

- Garlic keeps aphids off roses.

- Chervil keeps aphids off of lettuce

- Coriander

- Mint

- Nasturtiums deter wooly aphids

- Peppermint

- Petunia, not all aphids

- Rue

To Repel Asparagus Beetle

- Petunia

To Repel Bean Beetles

- Rosemary

To Repel Beetles

- Hemp

- Sage

To Repel Black Fly

- Rhubarb keeps black fly off beans

To Repel Cabbage Moth

- Hyssop

- Mint deters white cabbage moth

- Oregano repels cabbage butterfly from broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

- Peppermint deters white cabbage moth

- Rosemary

- Sage

- Summer Savory

To Repel Cabbage Worm

- Borage

- Clover

- Geranium

- Thyme

To Repel Carrot Fly

- Garlic

- Leeks

- Rosemary

- Beetles

To Repel Chinch Bug

- Soybean

To Repel Cucumber Beetle

- Nasturtiums

- Oregano to repel cucumber beetle from cucumber

- Radish

To Repel Fish Moth

- Rue

To Repel Fleas

- Lavender

- Mint

- Pennyroyal ( poisonous to cats)

To Repel Flea Beetles

- Catnip

- Hyssop

- Peppermint

- Mint

- Rue To Repel Flies - Basil - Rue To Repel Gopher -Gopher Purge To Repel Hornworm - Borage - Opal Basil To Repel Japanese Beetle - Catnip - Chives - Garlic - Geranium - Rue in roses and raspberries - Soybean To Repel Japanese Rust Fly - Chives To Repel Leafhoppers - Petunias To Repel Mexican Bean Beetle - Petunia To Repel Mice - Catnip - Mint deters rodents To Repel Moles - Gopher Purge To Repel Mosquitoes - Basil To Repel Moths - Costmary - Lavendar To Repel Nematodes - Marigolds - Chrysanthemums - Dahlias To Repel Onion Maggot - Rue To Repel Potato Beetle - Coriander - Horseradish - Lamium To Repel Root Maggots - Garlic To Repel Rust Fly - Radish To Repel Slugs - Chervil -Rue To Repel Snails - Garlic - Rue To Repel Spider Mites - Coriander - Dill -Rhubarb keeps red spider mites away from columbines. To Repel Squash Bug - Nasturtiums - Radish protects from squash borers. To Repel Thrips - Basil To Repel Tomato Worms - Petunia To Repel Weevils - Catnip To Repel Whiteflies - Nasturtiums Resources: Gh Organics How Stuff Works