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There are plenty of ways for a bicycle helmet to go bad. It might have served its purpose and  been cracked in lieu of your head. It might have become unwearable, straps frayed, plastic chipped, shell dented.  Or your head might have swollen with increased confidence. You might have to find something to do with that old bicycle helmet.

Recycling a bicycle helmet may be difficult. You can tear the sucker apart and recycle the helmet in chunklets. Even then, you might be left with a pile of less usable items. One way to dispose of an old bike helmet in an eco-friendly manner is by turning it into a planter. Here's how.

1. Line the inside of the helmet with some old, breathable cloth to keep the dirt in. Cloth is water permeable. If the plant is over-watered, it will drain through the cloth and out the vents of the helmet.

2. Put dirt in the helmet. The cloth will stop the dirt from falling out of the vents.

3. Plant flowers in helmet.

4. Hang the planter by the strap.

5. Enjoy

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