It's Sunday. When you get back from church and/or the monster truck rally, it might be time to think of ways to improve your home. Well, I have the a lazy Sunday tip for you.

Many bathrooms and kitchens have exhaust fans that remove odors, smoke and moisture from a room. Exhaust fans burn a little electricity, but they remove moisture and protect the structural integrity and indoor air quality of your home. No one wants moldor mildew rotting out their bathrooms.

In the winter months or even in the cold early months of Spring, that exhaust fan may be sucking heat and energy right out of your home. If your bathroom or kitchen seems colder than the other rooms in your house, it might be your exhaust fan.

It's an easy fix∗. Measure your exhaust port and head on down to your local hardware store. Find a correct-sized exhaust cover and put it over your exhaust. They come in various colors and decors. You can even decorate it yourself if you want. These covers retail for less than ten dollars, and you're sure to make that back in energy savings.

∗There might be something wrong with your exhaust fan and the way it is installed. That's not an easy fix. A cover would still make a fine temporary solution.