Grow your microgarden in, well, anything.


While there are gads of ways to grow your fruits, veggies and herbs in containers, some are far more creative - and crazy - than the simple terracotta pot on the window sill. Designers and craftsters have come up with some inspired ways to grow veggies in microgardens. Here our seven of our favorite, some of which could work and some of which are, well, the first step towards a clever idea.

1. Tear a Page From Telephone Pole Posters

Guerrilla gardening is fun to both witness and partake in, and you can go nano-scale by using the posters covering telephone poles. Turns out, they make a great little planter for herbs.

2. The Latest Garden Goodness in Newspaper Stands

Continuing with the inspiration from guerrilla gardening, using a old newspaper stand is a brilliant idea. You can leaf through the latest sprouts and see whats new each morning!

3. Refill Plants Like Printer Cartridges

This one is for the uber geeky, or those with an especially pale green thumb. It's a planter with seeds that come in cartridges. You can download programs for growing that particular plant, and the pot does the rest. Just click, and grow!

4. Comic Books Roped Together

One designer came up with the idea of tying together a stack of comic books and soaking them. It actually works really well to grow micro greens. Just know your veggies may come out a little funny. (Couldn't resist!)

5. Rolling Suitcase of Veggies If you want to take your veggie garden on the road, putting it in a suitcase from the get go is certainly an easy way to make them portable! 6. Plant 'em In Your Purse A suitcase too bulky? What about a purse, then? This purse is actually a planter, so you can carry around your favorite herbs and veggies for a snack whenever, and wherever, you feel like it. 7. Just Grow It In Your Fridge What easier way to keep your veggies fresh than to grow them right in your refrigerator's produce drawer. And talk about reducing food miles to zero!