Creatures of the Deep Spotlighted on This Week's Episode of Life

Life has made quite a splash since its debut earlier in the month. The groundbreaking documentary series from the Discovery Channel and the BBC is simulcast on Planet Green, and we've been all atwitter over here about the new episodes.

This week's episode, airing Sunday at 9 PM, is all about creatures of the deep. The episode guide states, "The bottom of the ocean is a strange frontier few people have dared to explore. Dive into the depths to see a giant starfish devouring a dead squid, hundreds of crabs coming together to mate, and the bizarre creatures that live beneath the ice of Antarctica in this incredible episode."

How cool does that sound! The ocean covers the majority of our earth, and the majority of the oceans have yet to be explored. We are only familiar with the critters that live closest to the surface, which comprises only 5% of the ocean. That means there is a vast swath of ecosystem supporting life yet to be explored.

Researchers are often coming up with new submersibles that can better explore the ocean floor, and what information they've brought back recently has been fascinating, including strange new animals and unexpected food choices like crabs dining on the wood of sunken ships.

Unfortunately, even the depths of the oceans are not immune to climate change, which makes exploration of them important for understanding how warming temperatures, pollution and acidification are changing things. And it also makes documentaries like Life all the more amazing to watch because at the rate we're going, we simply don't know if many of these creatures will be around in the near future.

Catch the upcoming episode of Life this Sunday at 9 PM on Planet Green. You can also take a quiz, see some stunning photography, and watch snippits of the episode right now over on the Discovery Channel website.