Credit Meg Allan Cole/Threadbanger

Ahh, the beanbag chair: such a staple of college life. It's comfortable (or at least, comfortable enough), easy to shove out of the way, and, with this tutorial from Decor It Yourself, a cinch to make with your own two hands and some leftover packing materials.

The video will walk you through the basic steps; finding your fabric, cutting the shapes, pinning, and sewing them together are all even simpler than it sounds. And then comes the fun part: the stuffing. We love the reuse ideas here: designer Meg fills her beanbag with packing peanuts (good thought, since those styrofoam bits aren't going anywhere in the trash), old fabric scraps, and crumpled paper, while a commenter suggests using grocery bags and fiber fill to make a baby-friendly version with a fun crinkle sound.

You can modify the pattern to make it larger or smaller as your space allows (or to custom fit your friends), and use the same concept (as one commenter suggests) to make tiny bean bags sized for tossing to fill stockings or party gift bags. Got a pampered pet? Try making him a pint-sized version of his very own.