Credit Becky Striepe

The Swiffer mop seems like a miracle at first--clean floors with minimal fuss--but once you start dealing with the replaceable pads, it gets complicated: they dry out, they create a ton of waste, and they don't always clean as well as you'd like. Make your Swiffer more efficient with these instructions for a DIY reusable pad from Green Upgrader.

First, trace one of the disposable pads on a piece of paper--you're making a pattern, so cut it out carefully. Then use this pattern to cut five rectangles of the same size: four of fabric from an old t-shirt, and one from wool (find an old sweater or blanket for this part). Then sew all five layers together and run a few stitches through the middle to keep it all together and you're finished: the wool side attaches to the bottom of the mop, usually reserved for velcro strips, and the cotton side sweeps up dust and dirt.

When the pad gets dirty, just drop it in the washing machine--and if you're working with an especially gross floor, try spraying some eco-friendly floor cleaner (like one from Method--or try making your own) on it for extra scrubbing power. You'll find it's easy to have clean, green floors--without the extra waste.