Tim Burton's take on Alice in Wonderland isn't scheduled for release until next year, but copies of Johnny Depp's elaborate Mad Hatter costume are already popping up for this year's Halloween—so the Threadbanger team teaches you to make your own.

First you'll need a top hat, which you can make from thick paper and foamboard covered in fabric; here, they used a brown houndstooth covered in lace for added texture. Use orange spray paint to create an eye-catching wig, and you're set from the neck up.

Dye a blazer green and spray with fabric color for texture; then trim the edges with lace. Dyed green khakis striped with masking tape and fabric paint give you a wide and wild pinstriped pair, while more fabric paint sprayed onto a strip of old sheet becomes a splotchy, wide tie. Finish with bits of your orange wig attached to eyebrows with eyelash glue and use white makeup to accent a creepy expression.