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I love white walls and stunning art—but stunning doesn't have to mean expensive. You can get great original work on websites like or snap up prints by up-and-coming artists at your local art college. But what if you have no budget for original art? The answer is simple: Make your own.

If your excuse is you're just not creative enough, I'm not buying it. Everyone has some creativity in his or her bones, and technique is a non-issue when it comes to found art (art that uses ready-made objects). And if you're really stumped for ideas, NaturallySavvy has three easy ways to make art from the things you own—in 15 minutes or less!

1. Architectural details

Have some crown molding left over from a recent home reno? Take those small off-cuts and hang them on your wall for instant art that is sure to match the space. Disconnected right angles and longer lines will ooze modern architectural appeal. For a whimsical effect, add in an old vintage doorknob into the mix.

2. Fashionable display

For stylish insta-art, hang a piece of unique clothing on the wall. It could be a striking cocktail dress or a pair of vintage parachute pants?just place the garment on a metal hanger (not one of those ones from the drycleaner!), and hang it from a thick screw for an industrial look. If accessories are your thing, why not hang a one-of-a-kind belt or a beautiful silk scarf on the wall? A perfect accessory for the fashionista's home!

3. Sculptural qualities

Looking for a piece of art to sit on the coffee table? Most found objects grouped on a coffee table can be passed off as chic art. Sit a sexy shoe on the table with a few smooth rocks around it (just make sure the shoe is clean and, er, odorless). For a more personal look, lay an open evening bag on its side, with decadent items like perfume, jewelry and a silk scarf artfully spilling out onto the table. Want something simple and sweet? Place two to four pretty teacups on a serving tray and set it off-center on the table, adding a little rosebud or other fresh flower to the tray for extra charm.

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