Maura McEvoy courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

A china hutch is a great piece of furniture to own—if you have a lot of china you want to display and enough space to install a (usually huge) piece of furniture in your dining area. But if you've inherited a hutch that's too big for your room (or if your plates and cups aren't up to your display standards) then use this idea from Martha Stewart Living to turn the hutch into a bulletin board.

To follow these directions exactly, you'll start with a piece of Homasote—a recycled-paper fiberboard that you can buy and get cut to size at local lumber store or the Home Depot—and then cover it with a stretched piece of fabric in a bright color or pattern. This piece fits inside the back of the hutch, so that after you take the shelves out you have an open field for pinning up photos, postcards, memos, or notes. Martha Stewart Living suggests using Velcro to attach the board to hutch—which means if you ever want to transform it back to a traditional style, the board will remove easily.

If you can't find Homasote, you can create a similar effect by pinning up fabric-covered cork pieces or, if you aren't worried about using the hutch later, you could paint the wood itself and stick pins directly in it (though they might not attach as well as they would into cork or fiberboard). Use the finished product to display your favorite knick-knacks and stunning photography in your living room, or leave one shelf intact to organize books and writing supplies in your office.