What a sweet treat!


Easter is on its way, and that means it's time for chicks, eggs, and rabbits. Celebrate the season with these simple, but oh, so cute, crafts and treats.

1. Easter Chick Cake Pops These chicks not only look sweet, they are sweet, because they're made of cake!

2. Rabbit Family Populate your table with a family of colorful bunnies, all made from cardboard tubes.

3. Eggshell Seed Planters Start your seeds out in eggshell planters. Enjoy them as an indoor display for a while, and then take them out and plant them in the garden.

4. Digging Bunny This little bottom's-up digging bunny will delight children of all ages.

5. "Confetti" Eggs Here's an environmentally friendly take on confetti eggs: fill them with birdseed! You'll have all the fun, none of the mess, and the birds will thank you.