Cara Smusiak,, USA


My aunt is a gardening guru. My uncle was the king of DIY. So when their barbecue finally had to be replaced, it came as no surprise that he concocted a portable gardening workstation from the old barbecue and a few wood boards he had kicking around.

My aunt was a little skeptical at first, but she loves it. She says it's great for hauling heavy bags of topsoil around to each of her flowerbeds, and it cuts down on a lot of bending and lifting.

I'll admit it sounds like a difficult project, but it's stunningly simple.

How to Create a Portable Gardening Work Station

1. Start by removing the body of the barbecue from the base. The body won't be used, so either save it for another project (a compost bin maybe?) or find a company that recycles metals.

2. Measure the width of the barbecue to get the minimum length to cut each board. You can certainly add some extra length on to give you more workspace.

3. Cut the boards so they're all the same length, but don't worry if your measurements are off by an eighth or a quarter of an inch—it'll just add a little rustic charm.

4. Drill holes through the boards and the metal supports of the base, then secure with bolts. Screws were used here, but if you have kids under foot, the sharp ends really aren't a great idea.

5. Repeat along the bottom, but keep the board lengths contained within the base structure, otherwise the boards will jam into the ground when you lift the workstation to roll it across your yard.

6. If you want to fancy your garden workstation up, spray it down with a pressure washer, let dry and apply a coat of paint. Personally, I love the charm of this piece just as it is. Cara Smusiak writes on behalf of Naturally about how to live a more natural, organic and green lifestyle.