DIY Projects For Your Yard This Spring
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Feed the birds in style with this upcycled chandelier feeder


In many parts of the world, spring has sprung! Here are a few diy projects that help make the most of your outdoor space and garden. Whether it's for you or for the birds, you'll love these creative ideas.

1. "Birdelier" Here's a fun yard ornament: upcycle an old chandelier by painting it and reusing it as a fancy birdfeeder.

2. Windchime Make beautiful music with this windchime fashioned from an embroidery hoop and an old toy xylophone.

3. Seed Starters Start your seeds out right in tiny pots made from toilet paper tubes. They're eco-friendly, biodegradable, and free with every roll.

4. Plant Markers Identify your plants with plant markers made from old paint stirrers.

5. Nest Supplies Wreath Provide nesting supplies for the birds, wound together in a garden wreath that is as functional as it is beautiful.